7 Amazing Benefits of Taekwondo for Toddlers You Must Know About!

Although Taekwondo is a combative martial art in that it involves kicking, striking techniques and defensive maneuvers, it is also highly health and inner wellbeing oriented. It is therefore very beneficial for teaching your child self- discipline and developing character.

So without further ado, here are the top 7 amazing benefits of Taekwondo for toddlers.

benefits of taekwondo

Self- Discipline

Discipline is arguably one of the most powerful effects of martial arts and Taekwondo in particular. Taekwondo involves structure, order and technique– there are set ways to be, behave and learn.

Without self- discipline, a child would not be able to proceed and move up through the different belts. The belt system is an intrinsic part to Taekwondo, as it helps your child learn skills, techniques and discipline. There is also a strong sense of goals and commitment.

It can be easy in today’s society for kids to be glued to some type of monitor whether it be for playing games, watching Youtube or Netflix. Getting involved in martial arts can help rectify this! Especially taekwondo, through physical exercise, structure, order and self- discipline.

Confidence and Self- Esteem

Linked to self- discipline is the positive effect of taekwondo has on your child’s confidence and self- esteem. It is a very empowering martial art, allowing children to develop the qualities necessary to thrive in life.

Not only does Taekwondo increase self- esteem and confidence but it also aids in self- control and independence, which further enhances confidence. Self- worth comes with an ability to ‘know thyself,’ and this is exactly what this martial art provides.

Self Defense

As with many other martial arts, taekwondo was created as a method of unarmed combat intended for self defense. Is it the best martial arts for self defense? No, not by any means. But is it effective to defend yourself against untrained attackers? Absolutely!

However, the emphasis here is not about using violence. Taekwondo being one of the reputable martial arts, teaches you to be humble, to be self aware, along with benefits mentioned above like self discipline and self confidence, helps you avoid potential sticky situations in the first place, which in it self I think is the best form of self defense!

benefits of taekwondo for toddlers


Although it may not appear as a benefit at face value, communication is greatly enhanced in Taekwondo.

Through movement your child’s body is allowed to open up energy pathways, further allowing for greater communication.

The self is a holistic and complex system (yet it is also so simple!).

The mind, body, emotions and spirit are intrinsically connected; so what may appear initially as just physical exercise, Taekwondo is in fact also helping on a more subtle level.

Without physical movement and developing confidence and self- esteem, your child would not be able to express him or herself emotionally, intuitively, intellectually or freely.

There is a strong releasing and energizing effect gained through movement and physical activity. 

In short, Taekwondo can help heal and release stored and trapped emotion, opening up communication channels in the process.

Techniques and Skills

One benefit that would be counterproductive to not include is the importance of techniques and skills in taekwondo.

There are many martial arts available today, so being aware of the specific skills and movements involved can help you or child decide whether taekwondo is the right one.

Taekwondo is a Korean and defense based martial art. It involves head- height kicks, spinning kicks, jumping and fast kicking techniques, sparring, power principles, and goals linked to the ranking system (belts).

This means that it is not only good for building character, confidence, self- discipline, physical health and emotional and mental wellbeing, but also great for learning real martial art techniques and skills. Here’re top 10 taekwondo tips for beginners from a black belt.


Respect is an integral element to Taekwondo and is emphasized through posture, movement, teamwork, partnering exercises, manners, and correct speech.

For example, your child will learn how to see their teacher as a ‘sir’ and communicate accordingly. Their peers and partners will also be treated with respect and courtesy, and the martial art itself will be respected.

This has both a positive effect on your child’s attitude and awareness towards Taekwondo as a martial art, and towards life, structure, foundations and commitment in general.

Commitment and disciplined action to a path teaches respect in itself.

Community, Teamwork and Cooperation

Finally, Taekwondo provides an incredible and life- enhancing sense of community and ‘team spirit.’

There is a large focus on self- defense, self- mastery and independence, and it is a martial and combative sport; however Taekwondo also involves a lot of cooperation and teamwork.

One of the main goals is for your child to learn how to interact and spar or engage with other children. 

Linked to this is self- control– a child can learn the true meaning of self- control and discipline through community, cooperation and teamwork, and vice versa.

When one learns control over their feelings of competitiveness, they simultaneously acquire mastery (control) over their mind and thoughts, emotions and physical stamina, posture and movements.


To conclude, Taekwondo is an incredible martial art of choice for toddlers and hopefully the 7 main benefits in this post have shown you why.

It is important to remember that although martial arts can be seen as sports or primarily physical activity for your child, they also offer a great deal of benefits outside of the physical realm. . Taekwondo is an art form and a way of life.